How Netflix Fucked up by Cancelling One Day at a Time

In case you didn't know... Netflix cancelled One Day at a Time! If you follow me on Twitter, you know I wanted to write a post on a show I had started watching and this was it. I got so attached to the show and now I'm not ready to have it cancelled. Before I can explain how Netflix messed up, I'll give you some background.
What is One Day at a Time? ODAAT is a Netflix original comedy-drama that follows the life of a Cuban-American family. This show discusses many topics such as racism, sexism, alcoholism, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ+, religion, stigma around therapy, and so much more in a way that is comfortable to watch and learn from. The Cuban-American family involves an Army Veteran, single mother named Penelope who works as a nurse, lives with her mother, and has two children, Alex and Elena. We can't forget to mention Schneider, the landlord and close friend of the family who both teaches and learns from the family.  Why Did Netflix Cancel ODAAT? Three words: not…


I received these face masks for Christmas, so I had to share my experience with them. I never heard of TONYMOLY and usually buy face masks from Target, so this was definitely new to me. Already one downside from these masks is that I found out they are not cruelty-free, so they test on animals. These are my thoughts on each mask that I tried from my set.
This mask was so nice to my face and was really moisturizing. After using this my face felt really great and was glowing. Since it has aloe, I think it was much more effective than others.
Vitalizing, Hydrating, Pore Care, and Purifying
These were okay, but didn't leave me feeling any different. I think it's hard to tell a difference in my face with the pore care and vitalizing ones, so I didn't have much expectations for them. Overall, they were relaxing and I didn't have any major complains.  Clear Skin
A beautiful pimple appeared on my cheek before this day, so I needed this mask. This mask did not help…

Trying Cville Restaurants: Family Edition

This past weekend, my sister and younger brother surprised me with a visit! They came from New York to my college in Charlottesville, Virginia and spent four days with me. It was so great to see them and such a great surprise! Since no one planned any activities, we spent most of the time finding different places to eat. We love trying food, so here are four places we explored during their visit.
Day 1: ASADO - The Wing & Taco Company On the first day, we went out to eat for lunch and Asado has been the go-to for students. This is a fairly new place, so I'm glad my family was able to try it out. They met me here and got their food before me, so I was only able to take a picture of my food. Their tacos are really good and my siblings really enjoyed their food. There was not a long wait and the workers are really friendly, so overall we had a great experience.
Rate: 9/10
Day 2: Super Amanecer

Firstly, it is so hard to find a good restaurant that has Latin American food in Charlot…

Surviving College Midterms

As a student in my second year in college, I know how easily midterms can take a tole on our bodies and minds. They are so stressful, so here are some great things to keep in mind during this midterm season!

Prepping for Midterms Organize Your Planner Make sure to write out important dates such as exam dates, paper due date, club meetings, and other events you might know of. A helpful tip during midterms is to prioritize your events. It's easy to fall behind on studying if you have a lot of events to attend. It can be helpful to color coordinate what are fixed dates and what are things you cannot miss by writing it in red, while using green to indicate leisure activities or things that can be pushed for a later time.  Make a Schedule and Stick to It This will help make sure you have enough time to study and do other things as well. Scheduling study times will also be useful to make sure that when future events come up they don't hinder your studying. If you join study groups, …

Birthday Wishes to My Mom

My mom's birthday is this week! Since I won't be there to celebrate her birthday, I thought I should dedicate this week's blog to her. It is very important to make sure that those close to you are always reminded of the love we have for them.
I wish that this year is filled with more happiness than anything else. Every mother deserves more and more happiness. Children can be so cruel and I know I've stressed my mom out a lot, so I hope that now she is able to be more happy this year. I know my mom has lived a life far from easy, so I hope the universe rewards her hard work and great personality.  I wish you good health. My mother is the strongest person I know. Her body has taken on a lot of pain. No injury or pain will stop my mom from constantly moving around. I love that about her and wish that any pain or injury she may have now will leave her body, so she can better enjoy being active. Moreover, she is so on top of her health and making sure she eats right, so I …

Valentine's Day Gift and Date Ideas

Did you wait last minute to buy something for Valentine's Day? Are you on a budget, but still want to give your loved one a meaningful gift/date? You're in luck! Valentine's Day is about making your significant other feel special and loved, so I hope you find some ideas here!
Gifts for That Special Someone Flowers, Written Card, and Their Favorite Chocolate This may be the most obvious one, but if done correctly can be very romantic! Who knows them better than you? Now is your chance to show them that you know what they like. Buy their favorite flowers and chocolate. They don't like chocolate? Get their favorite snack! They'll know you care if you personalize your gift that's why the written card is important. Instead of simply buying a card with a saying, write what you love about them. Write about the first day you met, the memories since, and the memories you hope to make in the future. Make a Collage of Your Favorite Pictures Whip out those middle school c…

A Small Present for Myself

Since I am a college student, I often receive emails from Chegg, a resource mainly used to buy/rent textbooks, which include lots of nice promotions and gifts. Around November I opened an email about a free gift: a wall calendar from Shutterfly. I enjoy personalizing things and I love anything free, so this quickly drew my attention. The year was coming to an end and I thought this would be a lovely gift to myself. I am also not sponsored by Shutterfly or Chegg to share this experience.
I am an out-of-state student, which limits me to only visiting my family during the long breaks. It is easy to miss my family, friends, and even New York City in general. Anything that reminds me of home makes it easier to feel connected and not feel so isolated. I recently posted a large Ecuadorian flag on my wall and now I made a calendar with a bunch of my favorite pictures.  The Process I am a perfectionist and very stubborn, so this took me about a month to complete. I was struggling to find the …